Imagination as shaper of nation

January 19, 2018 Marne Kilates 0

THE PROPOSED DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE Imagination as shaper of nation By Marne Kilates At the rotunda of the central intersection in Caloocan City, one might get off the chaotic traffic or out of the surrounding […]

Why the arts should matter

January 19, 2018 Jose Dalisay, Jr. 1

Why the arts should matter By Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.   It has become practically a cliché to say that our lives, and certainly our learning, would not be complete without some appreciation of the […]

Poet, painter, planner

January 19, 2018 Bienvenido Tapang 0

IN SYNC FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Poet, painter, planner By B.P. Tapang, Jr.   It has always seemed unlikely that the worlds of culture and the arts and that of economics and business would be in […]

Why cultural statistics?

January 19, 2018 Bienvenido Tapang 0

Bilang Filipinas: Why cultural statistics? By B.P. Tapang, Jr.   The Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 has a full chapter on “Promoting Philippine Culture and Values.”  Reaching advanced creative excellence requires permeating “public consciousness as the […]

Pagpapaunlad ng wikang pambansa

January 19, 2018 Michael Coroza 0

ANG PAGSASALIN Tungo sa pagpapaunlad ng wikang pambansa Ni Michael M. Coroza   ABSTRACT It has always been the belief that much is lost in translation. On the contrary, in this article, the author asserts […]

Aklat ng Bayan

January 19, 2018 Eilene Antoinette Narvaez 0

Aklat ng Bayan, aklat ng karunungan Ni Eilene Narvaez   ABSTRACT Translation is an impetus for the development of a national language. It is an instrument to indigenize thoughts, ideas, experiences using our own language. […]

Cinema, nation, history

January 19, 2018 Nick Deocampo 0

PHILIPPINE CINEMA @ 100 Cinema, nation, history By Nick Deocampo   In recalling the history of cinema in the Philippines, several issues must be confronted: When does one start the history of a national cinema? […]

Saving Philippine cinema

January 19, 2018 Ramon Nocon 0

How the advent of film restoration is helping save Philippine cinema one frame at a time By Ramon C. Nocon   In the 1990s, with funding support from the National Commission for Culture and the […]

The 2018 NCCA calendar

January 19, 2018 Teddy Co 0

One hundred years of Philippine cinema By Teddy O. Co   Jose Nepomuceno (1893-1959), owner of the popular photo studio Electro-Parhelio on Carriedo Street in Manila, was the first Filipino to put up a Filipino-owned […]

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